A Dare of Courage is the 60th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Reborn gets Tsuna to go to the dare of courage that they are going to hold later that night by telling her that Kyoko would be present as well. Tsuna arrives at the graveyard at nine o' clock and is welcomed by Reborn who tells him that everyone is already there and that Tsuna's partner is already waiting for him. Someone then grabs Tsuna's hand and that someone turns out to be Lambo. Disappointed that Kyoko is not his partner, Tsuna tries to protest but Reborn ignores him and gives him one candle, telling him to follow the arrows. After Reborn leaves, Tsuna gets Lambo to get his finger out of his mouth and arrange his horns. The two then hear some noise and decide to run and get the dare over quickly.

As they walk, they see Gokudera and I-Pin walking ahead of them. However, Gokudera's neck begins to lengthen and his head rises up like a snake, scaring Tsuna and Lambo. The real Gokudera and I-Pin then arrives and explains to them that everybody else are waiting to scare Tsuna and Lambo, since they split into groups with those wanting to scare and those wanting to be scared. Gokudera and I-Pin then leaves, leaving Tsuna with the scared and unconscious Lambo. Just then, Tsuna hears some noise from behind him and thinks that it's some he know so he shouldn't be scared. Tsuna sees Kyoko and Haru wearing some costumes trying to scare him. Tsuna thinks that they're cute and decides to spare their feelings and get scared. As Tsuna begins to act scared, Bianchi, in her costume, arrives and manages to scare Tsuna who runs the wrong way, leaving Lambo behind him.

Tsuna goes back but sees that no one is there. He then notices Adult Lambo leaning on a tree. Tsuna starts to apologize but Lambo leads him to door. Just as Tsuna looks at the door, another Adult Lambo appears. Tsuna is confused about this and the second Lambo asks who the other one is. The first Lambo tells him to not interrupt, saying that his turn to die will come next, and grabs Tsuna's arm. Tsuna is confused and notices that the first Lambo doesn't have legs. The first Lambo then introduces himself as Romeo, Bianchi's ex-boyfriend that she killed. As Romeo pulls Tsuna to the door, Lambo helps him and attacks Romeo with his Elettrico Cornata. However, Lambo's attack causes Romeo to gain power and he begins to drag the two to the door. Just then, Bianchi arrives and attacks Lambo and Romeo with her Poison Cooking. Romeo vanishes and Reborn appears, explaining that Bianchi hired a summoner that summoned Romeo for her...

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