100% Accuracy? Ranking Everything is the 19th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Tsuna runs out of his house because he was late for school and the background shifts to foots with levitating rocks. Then Futa was seen in the streets ranking Tsuna, who had low ranks in certain categories. The Todd Family spots him and runs after him to which Futa runs and hides inside Ruis dog house, claiming it to be a high ranking hiding place.

Tsuna returns home and discovers Futa inside his room who asks him to take him in. Tsuna, reluctant, doesn't want to take him in, saying that he can't protect him. Futa, who already was knew this because of Tsuna's low Fighting Power ranking, claims however, That Tsuna had the number one spot in not being able to say no to a request ranking and the lowest ambition ranking. Tsuna, quite annoyed begins explaining that people shouldn't ask requests to those who can't say no. However, Reborn starts explains the small animal and predator concept. Tsuna, thinking Futa is like a small animal now, decides to take him in. Reborn then asks Tsuna why not to get ranked while here. Haru enters the room and get's herself ranked giving off very overactive reactions .

At that point I-Pin and Lambo appear. I-Pin receives a ranking about her attacks being top class and being a promising assassin in the future. Lambo annoyingly asks for his ranking and Futa ranks him with the most annoying. It starts to rain. Gokudera and Yamamoto appear. Gokudera asks for his ranking about being a right hand man and receives a ranking not suited for him and is shocked and then petrified after seeing Bianchi. Tsuna gets a ranking of loving Leon the most, which shock's Tsuna into thinking what was wrong with him. This ranking made Haru upset and explains that she is as sad as the raining sky. After Futa realizes that it was raining, Futa explain's that his rankings become useless and falls asleep. Gokudera is relieved but then collapses after seeing Bianchi again, as well as giving Haru some hope. Haru sees a lot of mafioso and claims it as an army of umbrellas. Gokudera explains that they are the Todd Famiglia and are after Futa. They see Bianchi in front of them and thinks she'll charge in but instead left. They came up with a plan and split up into groups. Gokudera and Yamamoto took Haru and put her in a rug with Futa's scarf. Many member's are lured away; Meanwhile, Tsuna carrying Futa tries to escape out back but I-Pin and Lambo surprises Tsuna and makes loud noises that attracts the 3 remaining mafioso.

They run for the park but are surrounded. Futa wakes up and ranks the members and they start to fight it out. When Futa had to write the ranking, their moment of escape was wasted and they're immediately surrounded. Reborn shoots the Dying Will Bullet at Tsuna and he starts to fight them. Tsuna punches the first mafioso and kicks the next, knocking them both unconscious. Tsuna backflip kicks the leader. Tsuna's dying will flame burns out and Futa, who didn't notice Tsuna was in Dying Will Mode, is happy to have his ranking incorrect. A teenage boy, who wore glasses and a Kokuyo school uniform, was seen watching Tsuna fight the others; he walks away when the battle is over. The others are at the river; Gokudera throws many dynamites and blows up the rest of the mafioso. They all went home and had dinner. Haru suggested that Futa rank who was most useful to Tsuna today. Tsuna shouts that there's no ranking at dinner.

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